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This study offers review of the process of economic y industrial breakthrough on Mexico"s northern border and of ns growing significant economic plans designed to regulate this development. Ns study deals with the serious troubles arising from the rapid population growth y with ns poor integration of this growth into the nacional economy. Normally speaking, the region"s economy is therefore strongly influenced by y dependent top top commercial activities and services the these characterize the entire economic activity of the region. The increase the business activities across the border reflects the importance the commerce y services in ns area, but los expansion of traveler services y commercial organizations is not enough. What financial policies have been used have been nearly exclusively favorable to the commercial ámbito through los establishment of advertisement centers. It appears that even now cuales specific policy has been formulated about tourism. Traditionally the industrial activities along the border have been weak, however now important alters in the industria structure are beginning to occur. These alters reflect the impact of the twin tree operations i m sorry were started in the second fifty percent of los 1960"s, and it is ~ above this framework that plans regarding the region"s industrialization room based. In 1976 there were an ext than six hundred such plants in operation, representing an investment of much more than one exchange rate pesos, y employing nearly 70,000 people. Although the plants significantly support los industrial and economic activity of los region, they likewise stamp it con uncertainty and instability. However, whatever seems to suggest that these twin plant to work conform well to los type the industrialization uncovered along Mexico"s del norte frontier. If ns most important facet of this industries continues to be the manpower forced in their production, the does not appear that advance will exert strong pressure ~ above the natural resources or the depletable energies of los region. But ns situation would certainly be quite various if the industrialization of the area was aligned toward ns use that its primary materials fairly than the manpower.

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The natural Resources newspaper (NRJ) is published by ns University of nuevo Mexico school of Law y is an international, interdisciplinary forum devoted to the study the natural and environmental resources. Ns Journal is plan oriented, and seeks come overcome ns isolation of scholar in various disciplines who are concerned with natural y environmental resources.Interdisciplinary collaboration in fixing resource-related troubles was a formative principle in the creation of the Journal and, for cincuenta years, the Journal has actually been guided by the principle. Ns NRJ"s contributors come representar various disciplines, represent many countries, and provide many approaches to ns complex concerns raised by the need to balance resource development y environmental concerns.Natural resources Journal is a member of los National conference of law Reviews, Inc.

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The naturalmente Resources journal (NRJ) is released by ns University of new Mexico college of Law y is an international, interdisciplinary forum specialized to the study the natural and environmental resources. Ns Journal is plan oriented, y seeks come overcome ns isolation of scholar in various self-controls who space concerned con natural y environmental resources.