Oh no oh no oh no no no

TikTok has given nuevo life to numerous previously forget songs, with creators taking out-of-context samples y giving them ns whole nuevo meaning. One such track is ns “Oh No” song, but the regalo track has ns fascinating history.

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In ns world that TikTok, los “Oh No” tune trend sees civilization laying los track y its numerous remixes and edits gastos generales moments as soon as things space either about to or are in ns process of going horribly wrong. Other users use the song to react to both social and professional red flags.

Even well known chef Gordon Ramsay has obtained involved, together one videos created by his daughter, Tilly Ramsay, uses ns song to soundtrack ns prank she dram on she father.

Despite what part TikTokers might think, the song isn’t in reality called ns “Oh No” song. The sound clip comes desde the track “Remember (Walking in ns Sand),” specifically un transition segment simply before los first chorus. This track was created by legendary musician jorge “Shadow” Morton y was very first recorded by the girl grupo The Shangri-Las in 1964.

This track did really well at the time, becoming uno top-five struggle on ns Billboard Hot 100 and also reaching #14 on ns UK singles chart. Many critics y radio master praised the band’s vocal range and unique delivery of ns lyrics, something the makes los song stand fuera even come this day. In fact, their unusual distribution of ns “Oh No” is why ns tune has come to be such uno viral hit.

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The song has been covered and re-released number of times gastos generales the years. Singer-songwriter Louise Goffin included ns cover of ns track on her debut album son Blue. Famously, Aerosmith taped a piedra cover of los song in mil novecientos setenta y nueve as part of their Night in ns Ruts album. This variation featured new backing vocals performed by previous Shangri-Las member mar Weiss. Alas, this role was uncredited.

In 2005, Capone sampled part of los track and raised the pitch as component of his track “Streets Favorite.” This tune was released on his album Pain, Time, & Glory. More recently, rapper Kreepa has actually used the track as the basis because that their own song fittingly titled “Oh No.” This tune has easily gone viral and has been listened to millions of veces across numerous platforms. TikTok users use both los original version, los Capone sample, and the Kreepa individual interchangeably, so the isn’t uncommon to see world mislabeling or misattributing ns track on videos.

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The popular of “Remember (Walking in los Sand)” reflects how los internet deserve to cause the most unforeseen content to walk viral. It’s also un great example of how ns internet can take something y make it into something else vía cultural osmosis, as when most human being hear “Oh No” and think the comical pratfalls y not the Shangri-Las.